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Because adventures come in all shapes and sizes, RollR does too. From campsites to beaches to farmer's markets, we've got you covered.

High-performance, puncture-resistant tires

 Our RollRs ride on 9-inch all-terrain tires mounted on five-spoke aluminum hubs. They’re fast, agile, durable and awesome in sand.

Up to 10 days of ice retaining goodness

That's what you get when you combine a rotomolded, elevated body with an airtight gasket and thick foam insulation.

Deepfreeze dry bin

Engineered with the world's best cooling and organization design on the inside. Organize your goods just like you would in your fridge and keep them dry and between 35° and 40° for up to 10 days.

Aluminum pull-beside dual handle

Lefties and righties rejoice. Our comfortable padded handle makes for easy towing with increased leverage. And the offset design keeps your heels safe from knocks.

Wagon Bin

Pops up to tow stuff like chairs, blankets and tents to your destination. Then collapses into a comfy seat pad that straps to your RollR and provides extra insulation. Detach for easy storage.

Build Your Adventure

Six anchor points designed to attach accessories that help you prep your basecamp or next adventure. Better yet, you’ll still have access to what’s inside.

Maximum Storage Capacity

Each RollR is designed to deliver the highest food and beverage storage capacity in its class.

Certified Bear Resistant

Our lock points keep beers in and bears out. We put our product to the test and even grizzly bears weren’t able to break into it.

Fast-flow drain plug

This hollow-hole drain plug pops open quickly and doesn’t require you to completely remove the plug (hey, one less thing to lose!).

Airtight Gasket

Our refrigerator style gasket means that keeping the cold in and air out is on your terms only. Take that, air.

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