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Motley Que BBQ Sauces

Motley Que BBQ Sauces

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"We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique value on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We love how BBQ brings people together. BBQ is a part of our family and we want to help everyone make it a part of theirs too."

- Jess and Big Joe (creators of Motley Que BBQ brand products)

Raspberry Chipotle -Who doesn't love a little sweet heat with their grilling? Raspberry Chipotle is a must have, especially of pork & chicken!

Ivory Heaven -Traditionally a white sauce is meant only for poultry but with its prominent horseradish flavour, Ivory Heaven has made its rounds on social media with tons of people adding it to beef & pork and even an occasional rendezvous with olive oil and salad!

Sticky Fixx -Voted the 2021 Best Sauce on the Planet in the American Royal, Sticky Fixx is our award-winning BBQ sauce that goes great on pretty much anything. Whether your rushing to make a quick meal after work or putting the finishing touches on an all-night cook for a block party, Sticky Fixx is the sauce that can take you from chump to champ! Kid-friendly & a proven Competition winner, Sticky Fixx will have your guests brag about your Que for ages! Recommended use: Glaze your meat for the final 3-7 minutes of cook for that competition shine. (We don’t think any less of you though if you glob on tons!)
We recommend it for Pork & Chicken, but people have been known to love it on everything!

Motley Mustard -With a blend of Creole spices, Dijon Style Mustard & Tangy Vinegar, Motley Mustard may very well be one of the best, most versatile sauces you can ever try! Sweet & Spicy, this Creole Dijon style Mustard will knock your socks off. A great compliment to any meat to grace your grill, Motley Mustard doesn't limit itself there! Pro Tip : Mix it 50/50 with mayo or olive oil for an over-the-top salad dressing, drizzle it on nachos to give them a creole twist or even dunk your "nugs" in it to make those freezer finds come to life! Finished 16th overall at the NBBQA 2020 BBQ Sauce Competition

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