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ChefsTemp Pocket Pro Digital Thermometer

ChefsTemp Pocket Pro Digital Thermometer

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Professional thermocouple probe sensor with 1 second reading time, this pocket size kitchen gadget is suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks. Pocket Pro is another amazing innovation from ChefsTemp. It is a 4-way rotating display thermometer, which means it will detect your holding angle and rotate the display accordingly. Convenient for both left and right hand users!
4 vibrant colors to choose from: Nobility Blue, Iced Mango, Lime Zest and Tiffany Blue.


  • World’s Fastest and Super Accurate: 1 second reading time and ±0.7℉(±0.4℃) accuracy. It uses the same sensor as Chefstemp Finaltouch x10 to give pinpoint temperature readings as soon as you put in the probe.
  • Big Digit and Backlight: Made for amateurs or professionals, this easy-to-use and intuitive design feature a backlight display with auto-rotating big digits that are clearly visible.
  • 4 Direction Auto-rotating Display: Built-in motion sensors can detect if the device changes its direction and rotate the display accordingly, a simple solution for awkward angles and left-handers.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Splashes and spills happen. Confidently use ChefsTemp knowing it keeps working through the mess, just like you do.
  • Magnetic Backing: You can stick the ChefsTemp Pocket Pro cooking thermometer to any metal surface.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Made with a built-in lithium battery and Type-C plug for super-fast charging, you definitely will not have to worry about replacing the battery.
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