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Motley Que BBQ Rubs

Motley Que BBQ Rubs

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Motley Que rub is a mixture of ground spices that is made for the purpose of being rubbed on raw meat before the food is cooked. The rub forms a coating on the food, also known as BARK.

Bark is the combination of the spices that you rubbed on your meat and the smoke from your smoker, combining with the meat protein in a chemical reaction (the flavor is out of this world too)!

Motley Que All Purpose -Every cupboard needs something that can be used on everything!. Motley Que's All Purpose is your grab all for no matter what you're cooking. It's great on everything from meat to veggies & even popcorn! Balanced with a mix of sweet, savoury & a little heat...our All-Purpose seasoning is sure to spend some time at the dinner table!

Motley Que Chicken Fixx -Many people find poultry bland but with Chicken Fixx, that's prehistoric thinking. Here at Motley Que, we set out to make a Chicken Seasoning that would not only make you chicken taste great, but give it that traditional BBQ look often only seen in the media.

Motley Que Maple Fixx -Maple Fixx by Motley Que gives you that true north Maple to anything you need just a touch more "Eh!" to it! Use on anything you think Maple would be good on.

Motley Que Fry Fixx -Our Fry Fixx is not only the perfect compliment to fries (Sorry Ketchup), but it will kick up your veggies, breakfast & more!

Motley Que Creole Fixx -Add a little Louisiana flair to your grill with one of our newest rubs, Creole Fixx. Not as spicy as a Cajun spice, Creole is a sure fire way to add some zip to all your favourites!



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