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Chasse Québec is a team of guides and hunters whose mission is to convey passion, pride, and respect for the ancestral practice of hunting. We promote know-how and soft skills, from harvesting in the forest to tasting in the plate. Our collaboration with Pat BBQ is a symbol of our commitment to honour the animals we harvest in the backwoods. WILD spices and sauces are made from local ingredients, as are the meals they complement.

WILD RED DRY RUB- Himalayan pink salt • Irradiated spices • Cane sugar • Cranberries powder • Granulated garlic • Onion salt • Silicon dioxyde.

WILD TIDE DRY RUB- Sea salt • Irradiated spices • Granulated garlic • Onion salt • Celery salt • Sugars (cane sugar, sugar) • Dehydrated lemon peel • Ancho pepper powder • Citric acid • Onion powder • Corn flour • Flavour • Silicon dioxyde.

SPICY BBQ DRY RUB- Sugars (sugar, brown sugar) • Salt • Irradiated spices • Monosodium glutamate • Granulated garlic • Granulated onion • Silicon dioxyde • Coconut.

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